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Our builder program provides funding, guidance, and support to developers that want to leverage cross-chain functionality. 

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What is Sygma?

Sygma is an interoperability layer for building cross-chain applications.

Built on the legacy of ChainBridge, it's designed to support use cases such as cross-chain lending, governance, NFTs, and more.

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Sygma Builder Program:

Sygma will enable you to harness the power of multiple blockchains. By joining our builder program, you can enjoy access to:

✅ Funding
✅ Engineering support
✅ Marketing assistance

...to ensure cross-chain becomes a major enabler and driver for the success of your project. This will speed up your time-to-market as well as the impact of your project.

We're offering this unique combination of monetary incentives and technical support because we believe in the future of cross-chain.

Join us to get first access to Sygma releases and receive up to $40,000 CAD in funding! 

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